Do You know the origin of the number system?

We all use numbers in our day to day life. However, do we know the origin of the number system?

Ancient people left marks on stones indicating that someone was counting, whether it was to keep a track of days passing by or keeping records regarding something. It is said that later, the Egyptians invented the numeral system, and the Greeks followed them. The Roman numerals system was introduced by the Romans, which included alphabets to represent numerals. The key to the effectiveness of the system was “Zero”, which was developed by an ancient Indian mathematician known as Bhramagupta.

We have numbers all around us. Our currency is valued in numbers. Prices put on labels or quotes by wholesalers or retailers for their inventory, uses numbers. Our Debit Card/Credit Card has numbers on it. Our bank account number is made up of series of number  (Vanity Numbers). Our school mark-sheets consisted of numbers to evaluate our performance. Our office targets are calculated in numbers. Profit and loss in business is calculated in numbers. From our childhood, we are taught counting numbers. Be it in English as “One to Ten” or in Hindi as “Ek se Das”. Numbers are extremely important in our life.

We currently use Indo-Arabic numerals for writing numbers (Premium Number). It helps us to perform quick calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication or division on paper using calculator or mental arithmetic. When numbers started becoming bigger and beyond countable, computers were invented to make calculation of such numbers easy. I am sure, you must have used an Abacus when you were little to learn and calculate small numbers. Thus, we can see that numbers play an integral part in our lives.

The point is, now each one of us, is good with numbers or has a likability for numbers. Some of us are extremely blessed with great mental ability to remember long length of numbers at one go. Some say that, it isn’t a mental ability but years of practice. Some of us, just don’t want to believe in either mathematical mental ability or mathematical competency. We still prefer to jot down long lengths of numbers, like bank account numbers or mobile numbers which are usually 10 digits and more.

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