The Benefit of an EASY/ VIP Number

VIP Numbers

The Benefit of an EASY/ VIP Number

9 Reasons Why You Should Opt For a Business Vanity Number
9 True Advantages of Having a Custom Mobile Number

In the present day marketing where call volume has a direct relationship to success, a simple, fast and easy-to-remember phone number for customers to dial is important for your business.

Whether you’re in the business where your customers call for enquiry about your services, or order for products in the case of eCommerce, or even order for fast foods such as pizza, having a business vanity number, one that can easily be remembered is an essential tool to bring more customers and improve your brand identity.

VIP Number is great for marketing and will make it very easy for your customers to call you –
no more ‘hard-to-remember’ numbers.

If you’re wondering what VIP NUMBER service has in stock for you, here are some of the benefits worth considering:

  1. Competitive Advantage
    A VIP / Easy Number offers an advantage for your business to stay ahead of the competition, with several marketing noises everywhere, and also information overloads, VIP / Easy Number is the service that’ll give you an edge above your competitors. A short, custom number or a vanity number will increase calls to your business and drive more customer engagement.
  2. Customers Satisfaction
    Having a custom mobile number that’s easy to memorize and dial with a click of a button is ultra-convenient and will increase customer experience with your products and services leading to great satisfaction.
  3. Time-Saving
    VIP / Easy Number not only saves time for your marketing and sales team but also saves your customers time as they can put a call to your company in less than 2 seconds without needing to scroll through hundreds in their contact list.
  4. Improve Customer Service Deliverability
    This is a great way to enhance the productivity of your customer service team and as well to equip them with tools that will make them feel happy while dealing with the stress of work in the office. This service can add to your sales performance and analytics with extensive tracking and monitoring features.

VIP / Easy Number helps your team to deal with inbound and outbound calls simultaneously leading to greater team productivity. And also improves customer feedback which can be used for proper follow up.

  1. Lower Cost Of Service And Increase ROI
    When you consider the resulting time savings as I mentioned earlier, and multiply it by all of the numbers of your customer service team, you’ll get a significant increase in call volume. And more call volume, more sales and more profits.

Business vanity numbers can be used across all marketing channels and can greatly increase return on investment for your business.

  1. Higher Response Rate
    Call response rates can increase up by 20% when you choose to use a vanity phone number over regular mobile numbers.
    VIP / Easy Number is fast, user-friendly, and intuitive making it easy for customers and prospects to make a phone call in seconds.
  2. More Customer Retention
    Prospects sometimes don’t turn to customers immediately when they hear or know about your products and services. Having a business vanity number can enhance their experience even if they don’t buy in their first interaction, they’ll remember you whenever they’re ready to buy.
    Also, you’ll enjoy more repeated calls from your loyal customers.
  3. Increase In Engagement And Interaction
    The inability to remember random numbers is a barrier to most customers which is part of the reasons why it requires multiple exposures to get a consumer to take action.
    Imagine yourself listening to the radio while driving on highways, at that point, it’s difficult and in fact unsafe to start writing down random numbers.

This is where VIP / Easy Number service comes to the rescue. A short, custom phone number can easily be remembered and called later. It makes customers engage with your brand anytime, anywhere without losing any point in your customer’s journey.

  1. Improves your Brand Identity
    When you integrate your brand name into your telephone number, you not only stand out amongst competitors but also increase brand awareness and ultimately improve your brand identity.

Do you want to increase inbound call volume that would generate more sales?
Do you want to improve customer experience, convenience, and satisfaction?
If your customers cannot reach you by just dialing a few digit numbers, you might be losing ground to your competitors.
Act now, we have the answers and solutions for your business.

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